Become a member of FIT – Application Form

Complete this form to apply for your association’s membership in FIT. Please do not hesitate to contact the Secretariat ( if you have any questions.

Please read our by-laws before making an application.

The first step in your application is an “Eligibility Pre-Assessment” to give you a quick indication whether your association is eligible for membership. It may not cover all circumstances. You may continue with the application even if the form suggests that your association may not be eligible for membership.

You will then be asked to upload a number of documents, depending on the chosen membership type. To ease the application process, please have these documents ready for upload as pdf files before starting the form.

By-Laws / rules of your association

Your by-laws, or rules of your association, in both your local language and in one of the official FIT languages (English, French or Spanish).

  • For Associate Membership applicants only: “By-laws” for organisations applying for Associate Membership may come in many forms. We are looking for documents that lay out the purpose of your organisation or department. This may include incorporation articles, vision statements, “About Us” sections on your website or other sources of information. We will contact you if we need further documents.

Financial information (applicants for Regular Membership only)

Applicants for Regular Membership are also being asked to provide financial information. We are collecting financial information in order to assess an applicant’s ability to pay their dues on a regular basis, and to assess that they are viable and likely to remain in existence. We are asking for income statements / profit and loss statements and balance sheets for the last 3 financial years.

  • If your association is less than 3 years old, please provide these documents since the founding of your association.
  • The statements provided should be audited by a public accountant, or at least be reviewed by a public accountant. Please include evidence of the audit statement in the files provided. If your statements are not audited or reviewed, then please have a current board member of your association sign off on them attesting that they are accurate to the best of their belief.
  • If your association does not prepare financial statements, please provide alternate documentation showing the state of your finances, for example end of end-of-quarter bank statements.