FIT Webinar: Indigitalization: The (un)colonizing of computer practices in Indigenous language and culture



Jon Corbett

20th July 2024
6 pm to 8 pm Paris (UTC+2)
12pm to 2pm New York
12am to 2am (21st July) Beijing
2am to 4am (21st July) Sydney


This webinar, “Indigitalization: The (un)colonizing of computer practices in Indigenous language and culture”, explores how technology plays a role in untethering Indigenous languages and culture from the grand narrative of a Westernized world view that sees itself as the sole creator and proprietor of all modern technology, specifically computer technology. This talk, offered by Prof. Jon Corbett, explores the (un)colonization of computer hardware, and stories the development of a physical keyboard for the nêhiyaw orthography (i.e. Plains Cree), designed and built from nêhiyaw cultural knowledge.

Speaker’s Bio:

Jon Corbett is an Assistant Professor with Lived Indigenous Experience in the School of Interactive Art & Technology at Simon Fraser University (Burnaby, Canada). His research focuses on Indigenous forms of expression through “Indigitalization”, which he describes as a computational creative practice that braids together Indigenous and decolonial computing practices facilitated through traditional and computer-based expressive media art forms.