International Translation Day 2023: Poster Competition

Celebrating International Translation Day in 2023

Translation unveils the many faces of humanity

The International Federation of Translators (FIT) proudly announces its annual poster competition commemorating International Translation Day (ITD) each 30 September.

Professional designers from around the world are invited to submit poster designs through FIT member associations to celebrate the theme chosen by FIT Council.

The poster competition aims to promote the year’s theme: Translation unveils the many faces of humanity.

The competition is open to any professional designer to create a poster to pay tribute to the pivotal role of translation in highlighting the many human faces that become more visible through translation.

Designs from preceding years can be found at our ITD landing page.

Design Specifications


The poster must be suitable for use around the world and the motif must symbolise the 2023 ITD theme.


The poster must include in English, Spanish and French all of the following:

Copyright indication:
International Federation of Translators. CC BY-NC-ND 4.0.
Fédération Internationale des Traducteurs. CC BY-NC-ND 4.0
Federación Internacional de Traductores. CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

“Translation unveils the many faces of humanity”
« La traduction, révélateur des mille visages de l’humanité »
«La traducción revela las múltiples facetas de la humanidad»

International Translation Day 2023
Journée mondiale de la traduction 2023
Día Internacional de la Traducción

Secondary version

In addition, a secondary version with the theme in English, French and/or + one or several unspecified local languages to be added by users around the world can be submitted. All fonts must be embedded in the file so that local language versions can be produced.


The poster must be made available in several formats:

  • Low resolution, small file size thumbnail (preferred dimension approx. 220px tall and 150px wide) in jpg, gif or png format
  • 100 dpi resolution in jpg, gif or png format
  • 300 dpi resolution in jpg, gif or png format
  • high-resolution pdf file that can be published online or printed in up to A2 format
  • banner design suitable for email signatures, webpage headers etc.


Entries must be submitted on or before 5:00pm Paris time on 1 May 2023 via this online form. No email submissions will be accepted.


The FIT ITD Prize consists of CHF 500.

The winner will be listed in the ITD section of the FIT website and FIT will produce a press release on the winning entry and the designer. The design will be used in FIT correspondence and social media from May 2023, and all FIT member organisations are encouraged to use the design in conjunction with their ITD events.

FIT Council will vote on the best submission. FIT will then notify the winner directly and publish the result.

FIT reserves the right not to award the prize if there are no suitable submissions.