Nairobi Recommendations of 1976

The Recommendation for the Protection and Improvement of the Legal and Social Status of Translations and Translators, adopted by UNESCO in 1976 at its general conference in Nairobi, marked a milestone in the history of the translating profession. The Translator’s Charter, revised in 1994, specifies the rights and duties of translators and recommends the principles of their organisation into associations. FIT is pleased with the significant progress made in defense of the profession since its foundation, but remains conscious of the need to further develop international cooperation. It will continue to play its vital role in overcoming linguistic boundaries and thus maintaining good communication and understanding between the peoples of the world.

The full text in all official UN languages can be accessed on the UNESCO website.

International Translation Day 2022

Each year, we celebrate International Translation Day on 30 September, the feast of St. Jerome. FIT Council proudly announces the winner of its annual poster competition commemorating International Translation Day (ITD) 2022. ‘A World Without Barriers’. This year’s winning design was created by Jose Luis Pulido, from Spain.

Theme for the XXII FIT World Congress and International Translation Day 2022

ITD 2022 Celebrating A World without Barriers: The Role of Language Professionals in Building Culture, Understanding and lasting Peace.
FIT member associations can use the poster in their communication promoting ITD and their events.

Click on the links below to Download different versions of the poster here: thumbnail, 100dpi resolution, 300dpi resolution, print quality